Global Training Day

Lagos DrupalVersity is proud to offer an "Introduction to Drupal," a full day training on the basics of Drupal. This is absolutly FREE!

Attendees will leave having successfully built a Drupal site. It is ideal for those interested in exploring Drupal as a career path.

Venue: Center for Information Systems (CIS) Covenant Univeristy, Canaanland, KM 10 Idiroko Rd. Ota, Lagos Nigeria

Event Curriculum and Schedule

We will be offering a full-day "Intro to Drupal".

1)  Introduction to CMS 30mins

2)  Drupal: Nontechnical intro: 45mins

       a)  Drupal: Its Origin, History, Current State and Future 15mins

       b)  Who is using Drupal: Case studies/Sites using Drupal 15mins

3)  Why Drupal: 1 hour

      a)  Comparative analysis of Drupal with other CMS

      b)  Drupal Market Analysis.

      c)  For Business

     d)  For Developers

     e)  For Community

4)  Got something in mind, want to know how Drupal will solve your problem? (Interactive session) 15mins

5)  Introduction to Drupal : Technical overview 2hrs

        a)  Where to find Drupal and Drupal installation

       b)  Drupal terminology (e.g. Nodes, Blocks, Modules, Terms, Taxonomy, Users, Comments, Entities, Fields)

  c)  Inside of Drupal (walkthrough an existing Drupal site)

         i)  Overview of each item of admin menu (e.g. Content, Appearance)

         ii)  Create and edit content

        iii)  Work with menus from admin

        iv)  Content type and its usage

        v)  Block and where to find them

        vi)  Working with roles and users

d)  Drupal SDLC: How Drupal projects are approached.

6)  Building a functional Drupal site in an hour. (show how easy it is to build and develop using Drupal) 1hour, hands-on

7)  Extending Drupal: 30mins

         a)  Using contrib modules/themes/distributions

         b)  Writing your own module/theme

         c)  Helping improve Drupal/contributing back. Adding issues, testing, reviewing, documentation and translations, etc.

         d)  Community Support

8)  References 15mins


         b)  Learning Stuffs on

        c)  Pantheon and Acquia’s Drupal hosting

        d)  Other Drupal materials

9)  Closing and Feedback: 15 mins

Note: Curriculum for the advanced training will be announced later.
This is a FREE event. There is no cost associated.
Questions or problems?

CALL: 234-8165430776

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Training Location: 
Covenant University
Center Circle Canaanland
Ota , OG
6° 40' 17.8716" N, 3° 9' 29.4912" E