Why you should learn Drupal

Drupal is the single biggest Open Source web application success story. Not only has it gotten widespread adoption, it has spun off an entire ecosystem of thriving support companies and talent. We've seen this kind of success with Linux, of course, with companies like Red Hat and Canonical distributing it. We've seen it with Mozilla, with Firefox and Thunderbird. We've seen it with MySQL getting purchased for over $1B a few years back.

Drupal is in used by thousands of government agencies around the world, by large enterprises, by small companies, and everything in between. Drupal conventions draw thousands of attendees multiple times a year.

And the world is hungry for Drupal talent, and will pay very well if you can show you know what you're doing.

There are a bunch of challenges here, though.

One is, it's very hard for somebody who doesn't already have Drupal experience to be able to tell whether somebody knows it or not. We've gotten a ton of business from customers who tried building a site with vendors who claimed to know Drupal but led them into a dead end. Drupal is in many ways an enterprise application and, while simple sites can be done simply, large sites tend to take larger budgets than people expect.

In general: Drupal is the complete package for solving business problems, and it's seeing huge growth in the marketplace. Companies that need Drupal help really need it, and there's a shortage of talent, so you will get paid well if you can learn it and demonstrate competence.

One thing about Drupal: while being a programmer is very helpful, it's not entirely necessary. At Lagos DrupalVersity, we teach you Drupal until you learn.

Don't let this learning opportunity slip through your hands.

• This is a ten Days Training Program 10am -3.30pm, Monday- Fridays
• Training Fee- 40,000.00 only
• Date: New date to be announced soon!
• Venue: 3, YDi Street, Hotel Bus Stop, Off Lasu-Isheri Road, Igando, Lagos.

• Date: New date to be announced soon!
• Venue: Km.22, Lekki-Epe Expressway, By Abraham Adesaya Estate, Ajah, Lekki, Lagos.

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