Information about the eKaay Method

Purpose and Advantages

The eKaay method allows you to log into this portal without typing your password. This is useful in front of foreign PC's because a trojan on the PC may steal your identity by tapping your password.

Moreover, with eKaay you don't have to memorize password neither username anymore: on your own PC this is done by your browser, and on foreign PC's the log-in is done by eKaay.

eKaay is an additional access to your account, i.e., the password login stays valid.


You have to be registered as a user at our portal, and you need an iPhone or an Android smartphone. The smartphone needs Internet access.

Activation on your Smartphone

Please search for ekaay on the respective app marketplace and download the eKaay app to your smartphone.

Log into your account via password and look within the user menu for eKaay Activation. Scan the shown 2D code with the eKaay app - you're done.

Log-in via eKaay

Scan the 2D-code shown on the login page at the PC with your ekaay app. 1 or 2 seconds later the PC screen will automatically change to your open account.

Log-in on the Smartphone

Choose within the Account list of the eKaay app the account you want to log in and press "Login on this Smartphone".

Further Information

The eKaay method was developped by scientists and students of the Computer Science Department of Tübingen University, Germany.

The name eKaay is from the Frisian language: kaay = key.

More information including online demonstrations and videos you find on

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